Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse have reached an agreement on your own, it may not seem necessary to hire an attorney. However, numerous unforeseen legal issues can arise during divorce proceedings.  William “Bill” N. Lazarchick, will help guide you through the divorce process, protect your interests and ensure that your paperwork is completed correctly.

When you get an uncontested divorce, it happens by written contract. Attorney William “Bill” N. Lazarchick, Jr., will draft a legally binding and enforceable contract based on your agreement.

Oftentimes, both parties believe they have covered all of the issues in a divorce proceeding.  However, they usually find out at some point that they have inadvertently left out important settlement issues. Talk to William N. Lazarchick, Jr., and we will review your situation and show you how we can get you through your uncontested divorce without last minute surprises.