Modification Actions

Final Judgments addressing child support, alimony, and timesharing can be modified under certain circumstances.  Call the Law Office of William N. Lazarchick, Jr., P.A. to schedule an appointment to determine whether the facts of your case substantiate a modification of child support, alimony, or time sharing.

In order to prevail in a modification action, the person seeking the modification must prove that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the Final Judgment was entered.  To justify a modification, a party must prove:

  1. a substantial change in circumstances;
  2. that the change was not contemplated at the final judgment of dissolution; and
  3. that the change is sufficient, material, permanent, and involuntary.

If the Modification is granted, any changes may be retroactive to the date the Modification is filed and in certain circumstances to when the change in timesharing occurred.